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Upcoming Chats

Below are listed upcoming chat events, including when they'll be held and in what channel. To join a particular event, set your IRC client to on port 6667 and join the listed channel. Or, if you prefer to chat right now, in your browser using java, click on the channel name, enter a nickname in the new window and go!

The Guest Date and Time To be Held in Organized by
Aaron Allston Wednesday, June 19th at 9pm EDT (6pm PDT, 2am GMT) #Literature Kelly's Corran Horn Page

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To notify the list subscribers of a particular event, email However, keep in mind that this list is moderated, so if your message is not appropriate, it will not make it out to the subscribers. Some ideas to follow when posting an event are to include what the event is, what room it will be held in and at what time, including the time zone for which that applies.


Due to the hectic upheaval the Holonet has sometimes experienced in the past, we are missing some of the logs to the events that have transpired. If you happen to have attended one of the events in question and have a log of it, please email it to

August 22, 1999 with Aaron Allston

July 31, 1999 with Michael Stackpole

July 8, 1999 with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

September 17, 1998 with Timothy Zahn

June 7, 1998 with David Prowse (still looking for the log file)

May 23, 1998 with Michael Stackpole

March 28, 1998 with A.C. Crispin

February 15, 1998 with Aaron Allston

January 31, 1998 with Steve Perry

June 1997 with Jeremy Bulloch (still looking for the log file)